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Chickens – The Basics
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chicken language squawk

Squawks the chicken language

Most of the communicating chickens do, is relied nonverbally through body language, but there are a few distinct calls that chickens use for particular purposes. Let’s take a look at the meaning of some chicken sounds.

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different chicken combs

Knowing various chicken comb types

By now you should be well acquainted with that fleshy thing on top of your chickens head. You might also have noticed that not all chicken combs look the same. Sometimes it can be hard to determine the type of comb your chicken has so here is a list of comb varieties to help you out.

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chicken anatomy

Understanding Chicken Head Anatomy

Ever looked at a chicken’s head and noticed that there’s so much going on. They have many more structures around their little heads than we do, all with a function.

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Pecking Order

Understanding pecking order in chickens

Chickens are highly intelligent birds and thrive on interactions between their flock-mates and humans alike. They have an exceptionally well developed social hierarchy known as the pecking order. Chickens are born with an innate capacity to create this hierarchy and will start to assert their dominance even as tiny fluff balls. 

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chicken feathers

Information on chicken feather structure

Feathers are unique to birds and while they do look pretty, they do have other functions as well. Feathers are very important for flight and despite chickens having poor flight, they still serve the purpose of allowing fowls to fly short distances. 

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Why chickens eat their eggs and how to prevent them

Egg eating is one of the most frustrating and annoying habits your chicken could pick up. Any chicken keeper that goes out to collect eggs and only finds half-eaten eggs definitely knows how you feel.

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Cost of raising chickens

The Cost Of Raising Chickens

The number of people keeping chickens is growing rapidly. Flocks are appearing even in the least likely places across cities and countrysides. As a new chicken keeper, do you know what it costs to keep these beauties healthy and happy?

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