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  • Electric Fencing

    Electric Fencing (10)

    We are Australia's only importer of specialist electric netting, with a range including gates and nets for different animals and at different lengths.

  • Solar Powered Energisers

    Solar Powered Energisers (14)

    For a truly mobile electric fencing solution you cannot beat a Solar Energiser. Drawing power from the sun itself is just so simple.

  • Electric Netting Kits

    Electric Netting Kits (9)

    Fully customisable electric netting kits. Choose your fence, choose your energiser, add optional accessories!

  • Mains Powered Energisers

    Mains Powered Energisers (3)

    Mains powered energisers are the cheapest and most reliable option - provided you have ready access to a powerpoint.