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Electric Goat Netting – 50m – Stiffened Uprights



At present we only have Goat Netting in yellow / black. Orange or green is not available.


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Buy 50m Electric Netting for Goats

Stiffened electric goat netting has been designed for the rougher terrain where goats are normally kept. Normal goat netting is designed for predominantly flat pasture where the posts are able to keep the netting at a uniform height from the ground and therefore keeps the fence from shorting out.

Normal goat netting uses the same polywire for the horizontal and vertical lines. Stiffened goat netting uses normal polywire for the electrically charged horizontal lines, but uses a stiffened plastic tube for the vertical lines. This plastic tube is somewhat similar to the ink reservoir tube inside a biro pen. The effect of this stiffened plastic is that the electrified polywire is far less likely to touch the ground and therefore earth out the fence. This makes it ideal for the rough terrain favoured by goat farmers.

Our stiffened goat netting is black and yellow with white single prong posts.

The 50m net includes – 14 posts, 2 corner guys and a repair kit.


How does Electric Goat Netting function?

The net is manufactured in Europe from Polyurethane with metal filaments running through the horizontal strands (apart from the bottom base line). The net is mounted on PVC posts. To ‘charge’ the net an Energiser is connected to the net and to the ground via an earth post. This forms an open circuit. When an animal comes into contact with the net and ground it completes an electric circuit and gets a shock. This is why the net itself does not need to be erected in a loop and can be erected in a straight line if required. The Energiser produces a high voltage pulse approximately once every second. Foxes, like most animals, investigate unfamiliar additions to their environment and it is at this point that the shock is delivered. Although the net is not of insurmountable height, once the animal has been shocked the net will be a sufficient enough psychological barrier and the animal will be highly unlikely to attempt to breach it.


Warranty:  12 months

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