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watcj broody hen on eggs featured

How To Look After A Broody Hen On Eggs

The more natural way to incubate eggs is by using a hen. If you decide to go this route instead of using an incubator, then you need to be prepared to care for your hen. Hens that incubate usually neglect their own needs so you need to make sure that she has access to food and water at all times close to the nesting area.

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how to care for brooders

How to care for Brooders

Ever heard the word brooder when people talk about raising baby chickens, but you’re not quite sure what exactly a brooder is and what it does? Everyone that decides to raise their own baby chickens from egg to adult will need a brooder during the process.

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what is point-of-lay

Understanding Point-of-lay

The terms related can get quite confusing at times. You will do yourself a favour by learning some of the most important terms like what point-of-lay really means. If you ever think of adding some hens to your flock, you will most definitely come across this term.

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different chicken personalities

Different Types of Chicken Behaviour

All manner of critters have their own personalities, and that includes chickens. Hens are clever, cute and quite cheeky and studies have shown them to be quite intelligent, empathic and affectionate. The gallus gallus domesticus ( a fancy name for chooks) display a range of behaviours and emotions, so it might be time to get all your chickens in a row.

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keeping roosters

The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Roosters

When you talk about keeping chooks, most people immediately have hens on the brain. Hens are a lot of fun and make up the majority of a flock, but they are only half the story. A rooster can be a valuable addition to any backyard flock, especially if you want some cute babies around.

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Why does my hen behave like a rooster

So you have a wonderful flock of hens that get along just splendidly, until… ‘Caaa-Cawww’. Now you are really confused, did the neighbours just get a rooster? The next morning you hear the same thing, but now you’re sure the neighbours definitely do not have a rooster so what’s going on with your girls?

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happy chicken

How to keep chickens happy

Chickens can be quite creative when it comes to keeping themselves entertained. Free-ranging is their go-to for busting boredom, but some chickens don’t have that luxury and others just get bored when there aren’t enough bugs around in the winter months

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ex battery chickens

How to Care for Ex-Battery Chickens

Ex-battery chickens went through a whole lot of trauma in their lives so adopting one can give it a really rewarding experience. It will possibly be the highlight of its whole life since that chicken has never been free before.

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