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Different Types of Chicken Behaviour
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Different Types of Chicken PERSONALITIES

All manner of critters have their own personalities, and that includes chickens. Hens are clever, cute and quite cheeky and studies have shown them to be quite intelligent, empathic and affectionate. The gallus gallus domesticus ( a fancy name for chooks) display a range of behaviours and emotions, so it might be time to get all your chickens in a row.

They can multitask and problem solves using a complex system of communication. Chickens are so much more than meets the eye. Each chicken in your flock is an individual with its own personality.
Here are 5 types of chicken personalities and wherein the pecking order you will find them:

1. The Bossy Chook

 bossy chook

The bossy hen is the head of the flock, what she says is law. All chooks must fall in line behind her or risk a reprimanding peck. This hen is also known as the alpha hen, she is confident, sassy and essential to a healthy flock.

2. The Cheeky Chook

cheeky chook

A cheeky chicken is a curious chicken. They are very active and love to go on an adventure. If you’ve been wondering which hen has been digging up your garden, then you have found your culprit. If you always find a knocked over drinker, you can be sure it was the cheeky chook at work, they can be quite mischievous.

The cheeky chook is also known as the beta hen and rules under the bossy hen. She will provide support to the alpha hen but is pecked into place if her cheekiness breaks boundaries.

3. The Smart Chook

Smart Chook

The smart chook is the one you will find taking her time to explore after the rest of the flock has moved on. The bossy chook will usually barge in and take charge while the smart chook hangs back to figure out how to get what she needs without ruffling any feathers. These little sweeties are also really good at learning tricks, so you can grab some mealworms and start training!

4. The Silly Chook

Silly Chook

The silly chook is the hen with all the moves. She always gets a giggle out of anyone who watches her. She has quite a few unique quirks and is content with doing her own weird thing.

5. The Sweet Chook

sweet chook

The sweet chook is the cuddler in the flock. She’s happy to just tag along in any chicken adventure or to just be happy in her own company. When she sees you coming, she will be the first one on your lap for some well-deserved pets.

This hen is usually the bottom feeder in the pecking order. Sweet chooks make excellent mothers and are patient and gentle natured. They are simply a pleasure to have around.
With this mix of personalities, the coop will never be a boring place. Get to know your chickens’ personalities to keep the pecking order in check. No matter the breed, make sure you have the knowledge to keep your hens happy and healthy!

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