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egg turning

What you need to know about Incubation Day 18

Egg turning is one of the most important parts of incubation. It must be done to ensure the embryo develops properly and does not stick to one side of the egg. Egg turning can either be done by hand or by using a machine.

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egg turning methods

What is the best Egg turning Method?

Which method is better generally comes down to how involved you want to be in the incubation process. To make you understand what egg turning really involves, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of manual and machine turning.

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incubation day10

What you need to know about Incubation Day 10

The incubation of your eggs is coming along nicely. The temperature and humidity are nice and stable, everything has gone according to plan so far. Day 10 has finally arrived and since it is a good idea to do candling every 4-6 days, it is time for your second candling. Today you will be checking on the embryos progress over the last 6 days.

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first egg candling

What you need to know about Incubation Day 4

Time has gone by quickly and it is time for you to do your first candling! Candling is kind of like an ultrasound for chicken eggs, just much, much cheaper. Refer to the candling article to know what you are looking for and what you need to do candling properly.

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day 1 egg incubation

What you need to know about Incubation Day 1

To make the whole process of hatching your own eggs a little less daunting, we will take you through a day by day process so that you know what to expect. If you read our previous articles, you should know that there are a few things you should do before you start incubating your eggs. Just to make sure you remember, we will give you a quick summary of what to do before incubation begins.

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chicken egg candling

Primary Guide for Egg Candling

Candling is one of the necessary steps when you do incubation yourself. Candling helps you to identify if an embryo is developing as it should, or if the egg is a dud. You can think of candling as an ultrasound for eggs. It is really easy to do and you can save yourself a lot of trouble by identifying and removing a bad egg early on.

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incubation method

Top Tips For Incubation

Preparing to hatch your new baby chickens can be a very exciting time. It can also be quite stressful if you don’t know all the tricks and what to expect. To make the whole process a little less daunting, we have put together a list of tips so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

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incubation method

The Best type of Incubation method

If you love chickens, the idea of raising your own flock from babies must be accelerating. There are two ways you can go about hatching and raising baby chickens. The first is by using an incubator and brooder and the second is the more natural broody hen way.

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