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Chickens – The Basics

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chicken waterers featured

Chicken Basics : Chicken Feeders

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chicken waterers featured

Chicken 101: Waterers

You may think that feeding, housing and watering your chickens would be as easy as caring for your dog or cat. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most of us. Choosing the correct waterer, coop and feeder can be quite serious business.

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How noisy are chickens?

When you think of chickens, do you immediately get put off by the ruckus? Many people don’t like the idea of chickens since they feel like they will wreak havoc on their peace and quiet. What most people don’t realise, is that chickens can in fact be very quiet and gentle animals. The most noise they make is when an egg is laid unless of course, you have a rooster.

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How to properly care and maintain chickens

Chickens have the same basic needs as any other pet which means they need food, attention and shelter. Some chicken tasks will require daily attention, but there are also many tasks that only require weekly, monthly, seasonal or even yearly attention.

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new chicken to the flock

How to effectively introduce new chickens to the flock

Keeping chickens can quickly become an addiction, while you swore that you will only have 4 chickens you now have so much more. Adding new breeds is a fantasy constantly circulating around your mind, but unfortunately, there are a few limits like space.

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chicken language squawk

Squawks the chicken language

Most of the communicating chickens do, is relied nonverbally through body language, but there are a few distinct calls that chickens use for particular purposes. Let’s take a look at the meaning of some chicken sounds.

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different chicken combs

Knowing various chicken comb types

By now you should be well acquainted with that fleshy thing on top of your chickens head. You might also have noticed that not all chicken combs look the same. Sometimes it can be hard to determine the type of comb your chicken has so here is a list of comb varieties to help you out.

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chicken anatomy

Understanding Chicken Head Anatomy

Ever looked at a chicken’s head and noticed that there’s so much going on. They have many more structures around their little heads than we do, all with a function.

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