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solar energisers 200m up electric net

Which Solar Energiser is best for a 200m kit?

When you’re looking for a solar energiser for a large electric netting set up the same basic principles apply –namely where do you live and what are your expectations? To …

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solar energisers 100-150m electric net

Which Solar Energiser is best for a 100-150m kit?

When you’re looking at which solar energiser to purchase for a 100m or 150m electric netting set up thesame basic principles apply – namely where do you live and what …

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solar energisers for 25-50m electric net

Which Solar Energiser is best for a 25m or 50m electric net?

Generally speaking, if you are interested in purchasing a single 25m or 50m electric net then you are probably a backyard chicken keeper with a small number of chickens> for …

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Broody hen

Broody hen – Breaking the cycle

A broody hen is compelled by changes in daylight, hormones and natural instincts to sit on a clutch of eggs until they hatch. Broody hen behavior is very distinctive. She …

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Keeping your chickens safe

Keeping your chickens safe

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Backyard Chicken- The Basics

Why do people keep chickens in the backyard? Chickens are fun! Chickens give you eggs! They are cheap, organic pest control! They fertilize the garden!

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Hatching Chickens from Day One

Whether you hatch them yourself or bring home day old chickens, meeting your baby chicks for the first time is very exciting. There are three very important things to remember when it comes to these tiny balls of fluff.

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Chicken Pets – Why kids love them!

Chicken pets? I see many people shaking their heads and wondering why we think chickens make the best pets for kids. A flock of chickens can be educational in a variety of ways and also inspire affection and love.

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