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chickens and dogs together

How to make dogs and chickens live together

So you have a dog but you also really want chickens. But what about the family dog? How will it react to your new feathered flock. Don’t despair there is hope!

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chickens and cats

Making cats and chickens live peacefully

It might seem impossible, but cats and chickens can definitely be trained to live together. You can get your cats and chickens to get along in exactly the same way you introduce any new pet to your existing pets. You will need patience, be prepared to step in and train all pets involved thoroughly.

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chickens guinea fowls

How Guinea Fowl and Chickens can Live Together

Chickens have been part of human families for centuries. They are cute, feed us and keep us entertained so why wouldn’t we want them around? Guinea fowls on the other hand have only recently started gracing us with their presence in our coops. 

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chickens rabbits together

How to Keep Rabbits and Chickens Together

It might sound very strange to keep rabbits with chickens, but raising and keeping these animals together can be a joy. Rabbits may not lay eggs, but there are some similarities that can make keeping them together fun.

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