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Which Chicken Wire Is Best for Your Chooks?
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Which Chicken Wire Is Best for Your Chooks?

There’s nothing quite as authentic as collecting fresh eggs from your very own garden. If you’re looking to add a chicken coop to your home, you’ve probably started to think about how to safely and effectively house a flock of chickens. When mulling over chicken coop ideas, one of the most important things to consider is what kind of wire or fencing to use. 

Whether you want to build a large chicken coop or a small chicken coop in your backyard, it’s essential to have strong and sturdy fencing to keep your chickens safe from harmful animals on the prowl. 

As the experts in chicken coops and poultry accessories, we have put together a list of fencing considerations for those interested in making their own. 

Different types of chicken coop wire

Chicken coops are hardly a new idea. However, thanks to modern developments, chicken coop designs now come in a range of different models and materials. These days you can purchase chicken coops made from a wide variety of wiring or protective coverings. Some of the most common coop fencing options include:

  • Galah mesh — A protective layer of mesh made from 11mm x 11mm wiring that provides a vital shield against birds, vermin and foxes.
  • Poultry netting — Made from plastic, poultry netting is an inexpensive alternative to metal mesh or wires. Unfortunately, it isn’t the best form of protection as many animals are able to chew through the plastic quite easily.
  • Electric chicken fenceElectric net fencing for chickens uses electricity to send electric currents through the wiring to fend off animals on the outside. Poultry electric fences are usually a more significant investment as you’ll also need to supply power to the coop.
  • Chicken wire — This is probably the most recognisable fencing for chicken coops. Made from thin metal in a hexagonal pattern, this wire acts as a shield across the chicken coop. However, chicken coop designs with this fencing aren’t the most effective in keeping out animals as rodents can climb through the holes, and larger predators can easily break through the thin wire.
  • Chain link — For those who have foxes and dogs who are on the prowl, this type of fencing is an excellent and sturdy option. However, if rats and mice are your biggest issue, there is likely a better option for you. 

How to choose the right chicken coop wire 

When deciding on a chicken coop design, the suitable chicken coop wire for your flock is a big decision. At McCallum Made, we have been creating quality chicken tractors since 2003 — using only the best and most protective materials to keep your chickens safe. All of our chicken tractors and chicken coops for sale have been made using strong galah mesh to provide the ultimate protection from other birds, vermin, foxes and dogs. We also stock hutches, chicken accessories, coop replacements, nesting boxes and a range of poultry electric fence products. For more help choosing the right chicken coop wire for your needs, feel free to get in contact with our team today. We’re always happy to help.

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