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Broody Chicken

So, You’ve Got a Broody Hen

A broody hen is one that wants to raise chicks. At some point in your chicken raising career you’ll encounter one of these tenacious birds. A broody hen is determined …

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Hatching eggs

Top Chicken Breeds for Egg Production

Do you want to raise chickens for their eggs? We can help you choose the right breed. All hens lay edible eggs, but some simply excel at egg production. While …

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Rooster Crowing Why

Why is the Rooster Crowing?

The rooster crowing is the quintessential sound of dawn. Long before alarm clocks it was the rooster that called farmers from their beds in the pre-dawn darkness. Today it is …

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Silkie Chicken

Why Everyone Needs a Silkie Chicken

The silkie chicken is a unique and highly desirable addition to any flock. She gets her name from her soft, poofy plumage which is said to feel just like silk. …

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Keeping Urban Chickens

Tips for Keeping Urban Chickens

Just because you don’t live in the country doesn’t mean you can’t produce some of your own food. Urban agriculture is on the rise because everyone wants fresher, healthier and …

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Hatching eggs

9 Rules for Hatching Eggs

Hatching chicken eggs artificially using an incubator is a rewarding experience. If you have a rooster you can use fertilized eggs from your own flock, or you can find fertile …

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Raising Chicks

Essential Secrets for Raising Chicks

Raising chicks is a fun and rewarding process for the whole family. There is a lot of information out there about how to raise chicks, but there are a few …

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Chicken breeders

The Best Chicken Breeders

If you want to raise chickens for meat or eggs, chicken breeders are the easiest place to start. These are professional companies that breed chickens. If you have heard of …

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