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Chicken Coop hemp

Why use hemp bedding for chickens

It is important to use a good quality hemp bedding for your chickens as it absorbs some of the faeces and helps keep the coop looking and smelling better for …

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Bantam Silkies on Chicken Coops

Bantam Chickens – Keeping and Care

Bantam Chickens – Keeping and CareOwning your own chickens right in your own backyard no longer needs to be just a dream. Even if you have a small yard you …

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keeping chickens at home with backyard chicken tractor

Keeping Chickens at Home

One of the main concerns about keeping chickens at home is space.

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Electric netting

The Benefits of Using Electric Netting

Electric Netting can be erected in minutes by anyone without tools. It is a simple, lightweight solution and the netting can be moved and set up repeatedly, making for instant …

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Farming Chickens

How to Raise Chickens for Eggs Ethically

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Organic Chicken Feed

Make Your Own Organic Chicken Feed

Many chicken keepers want to feed their hens non-GMO, organic chicken feed. After all, you’ll be eating their eggs and possibly their meat. Commercial organic chicken feed is a great …

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Poultry Raising

Poultry Raising: 9 Tips for Raising Chickens

Even if you’re soft at heart, name your flock, refer to them as “the girls” and just can’t bring yourself to raise chickens for meat, they are very useful as …

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Raising Heritage Chicken Breeds

Raising Heritage Chicken Breeds

The Livestock Conservancy lays out strict requirements for heritage chicken breeds. To be called “heritage” a chicken must be have parents and grandparents of a breed recognized by the American …

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