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Why use hemp bedding for chickens
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It is important to use a good quality hemp bedding for your chickens as it absorbs some of the faeces and helps keep the coop looking and smelling better for longer. Good quality bedding absorbs moisture and reduces the formation of ammonia. It also allows for a softer surface for your chickens to walk on, promoting health of their foot pads. Bedding is also useful to soften the landing for eggs instead of them dropping straight on to the coop floor. Good quality bedding offers an insulation factor to keep your chickens comfortable and warm.

hemp bedding - can be used inside a chickent tractor

What is hemp bedding?

There are many different types of bedding. Many people use wood chips, straw, wood shavings and other products. One of the best products to use as bedding for your flock is hemp. Hemp bedding is made from the stalk of the cannabis plant, known as the hurd.

Hemp plant

Advantages of hemp bedding

Hemp absorbs well and reduces ammonia odours and also has very little dust compared to many wood-based beddings. The absorbency of hemp as well as its anti-microbial properties helps reduce the growth of bacteria and microbes in the coop. Hemp is also soft and cushions well to reduce the likelihood of broken eggs and bumblefoot.

Hemp as a deodorant and insect repellent

Although hemp has a fairly neutral odour, it is still effective in reducing the influx of mites and other insects in to your coop. It also reduces ammonia fumes and other unpleasant smells. While hemp may seem a little more expensive initially, it lasts longer and promotes the health of your flock. Hemp bedding works great in the nesting boxes as well as on the coop floor. Bedding made from hemp offers natural insulation to keep your chickens warmer in the cooler months.

Veggie tray

Hemp is ecologically sound

Another great plus for using hemp is that it is non-acidic. Compost your used bedding for a natural, highly effective fertilizer for your garden. Hemp is also an eco-friendly product as it is a renewable resource and produces far more pulp per acre than trees.

This is a more sustainable product which is fully bio-degradable, does not contain pesticides or herbicides which can harm your flock and is usually grown organically from non-GMO sources. It is a natural insect repellent as well as having anti-bacterial properties. You can’t go wrong with hemp as a source of excellent bedding for your chooks.

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