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Chicken Tractor Wheels
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Chicken Tractor Wheels

Chicken Tractor Wheels – How we turn a coop into a tractor.
For many people a mobile chicken coop is the answer to their chicken keeping problems. Too many predators to let your chickens free range? Don’t like cleaning a stationary chicken coop? No fences to keep the chickens in? The answer to all these problems is to use a mobile chicken coop using by high quality chicken tractor wheels.

Now a chicken tractor does not have to be very complicated but there is one vital ingredient that people often overlook. It has to be easy to move (otherwise you wont move it) and for that you need good solid chicken tractor wheels.

Now we use an 8″ (200mm) solid rubber wheel with a solid metal interior and bearings with steel ball bearings. The tread on the wheel is about 45mm wide.

The reason that we do not use pneumatic chicken tractor wheels is that pneumatic wheels of this size require constant inflation to be useful. Just think about how each time you need to move something with your wheelbarrow or trolley the wheels seems to have gone flat since the last time you used it.

And one final thing, like all businesses we do have competitors, and one of those competitors uses a wheel that was designed to be used as the training wheels on a bicycle for a 3 year old. Not only are they too small and made from plastic, they lack bearings of any sort and the tread width is not wide enough to support the weight of a proper chicken tractor.

So before you consider buying a chicken tractor of any description, it would be useful to consider what quality wheel is likely to come with your purchase. Also, McCallum Made Chicken Tractors are the only manufacturer who supply you with a complimentary trolley to make moving the chicken tractor as easy as possible. Everyone else expects you to lift their products and drag them round the yard!

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