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Chicken Pets – Why kids love them!

Chicken pets? I see many people shaking their heads and wondering why we think chickens make the best pets for kids. A flock of chickens can be educational in a variety of ways and also inspire affection and love.

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Chicken Mites

Chicken Mites – how to check and treat

The mites that infest chickens generally are not usually ones that will be able to live on humans on a long-term basis, but they can bite people which often results …

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Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth has been around for centuries. Claims for its benefits include strengthening the immune, promoting cardiac health, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, helping with healing and many more have …

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What to feed chicken

Chicken Feed – What to feed and when

Chicken Feed – there are so many brands with differences in ingredients and presentation. There are also different feed types within the same brand name. It can be quite confusing, …

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Chicken Coop hemp

Why use hemp bedding for chickens

It is important to use a good quality hemp bedding for your chickens as it absorbs some of the faeces and helps keep the coop looking and smelling better for …

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