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The Benefits of Using Electric Netting

Electric Netting can be erected in minutes by anyone without tools. It is a simple, lightweight solution and the netting can be moved and set up repeatedly, making for instant …

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Breaking a Broody Hen

A broody hen is compelled by changes in daylight, hormones and natural instincts to sit on a clutch of eggs until they hatch. Broody hen behavior is very distinctive. She …

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Chicken Care: Keeping Your Hens Fit & Healthy

Different numbers of chickens lay different quantities of eggs, and some produce more or less depending on the time of year and the climate. All breeds have one thing in …

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Combat Chicken Mites Naturally

External parasites are the single most common problem encountered in a backyard chicken coop. The common culprits are chicken mites and chicken lice. Fortunately both are easily controlled using several …

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How to Help an Egg Bound Chicken

A chicken is egg bound when she is unable to pass an egg. The egg becomes stuck in the oviduct, causing the egg bound chicken considerable discomfort. Egg binding in …

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How to Raise Chickens for Eggs Ethically

Many backyard poultry keepers want to know how to raise chickens for eggs ethically. There is a growing awareness in America of the disturbing practices on large factory farms. Indeed, …

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Make Your Own Organic Chicken Feed

Most chicken keepers want to feed their hens non GMO, organic chicken feed. After all, you’ll be eating their eggs and possibly their meat. Commercial organic chicken feed is a …

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Natural Treatments for Chicken Diseases

Despite your best efforts, sometimes a chicken falls ill. There are many common chicken diseases that can affect your flock, but fortunately their are simple and natural remedies you can …

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