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Why Should You Keep Chickens?
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Why Should You Keep Chickens?

Chickens are a hobby that many people consider picking up at some point in their lives. Whether you want to own chickens because you think they’re pretty or because you want to eat them in a year or two, actually making the leap is a decision you should think about seriously. Owning chickens has many benefits. If you’re still not convinced owning chickens is the right decision for you, here are some reasons you may want consider picking up a chick or two.

Save Some Money

If you haven’t noticed, eggs are expensive, especially those that are labeled organic or free-range. You will often pay triple or more for organic eggs than you would for normal eggs. And guess what you’ll be raising if you get your own chickens? Organic, free-range eggs. Keeping chickens means you save some cash and enjoy a superior product all in the same day.

You Know How Your Chickens are Treated

There has been a ton of debate about inhumane animal slaughter and keeping in the past few years, and some horrendous things have come out about chickens. Many farms keep their chickens in poor environments because many large supermarket chains demand a certain price on their eggs. Since something has to give, it is usually the treatment of the animals that suffers.

If you decide to own your own chickens, you know exactly what your poultry is eating, doing, drinking, and most importantly, how they are living. You won’t have to worry about what goes on behind the scenes.

Nutritional Benefits

The vast majority of eggs are checked for freshness and quality. Gone are the days where you had to crack an egg open to make sure it is good when you buy them from the supermarket.

Still, control over the diet of your hen can contribute significantly to the nutritional value of the eggs they produce, and you have no way of knowing what your hen eats unless you feed her yourself. Research shows that truly free-range chickens produce eggs with tons of folic acid and more Vitamin B12 than a chicken that doesn’t have that privilege.

Maybe keeping chickens may not be such a bad idea after all!

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