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Tips For New Chicken Farmers
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Tips For New Chicken Farmers

Planning to start small scale poultry farming? You should definitely start with chickens. You can choose from the numerous breeds available and they are very profitable in terms of eggs and meat.

Taking care of chickens is very easy and simple if you have all the tools to the trade. Use these few tips to help you get started as a chicken farmer.

  • Remember to use a predator proof chicken coop to keep your chickens safe. Make sure it’s also properly ventilated and insulated for better survival of the flock. If you want to grow your flock, especially little chicks make sure the coop is free from hawks or other burrowing predators.
  • As much as possible, don’t keep the chickens enclosed in the coop but rather use it for sleeping purposes only.
  • Don’t forget about providing your chicken with food and water as regularly as possible. Well-fed and hydrated chickens are more likely to provide you with a higher egg yield.

Here’s more information on tips for new chicken farmers .

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