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Three Beginner Chicken Keeping Tips
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Three Beginner Chicken Keeping Tips

Chickens can be confusing for some people that have never kept birds before. They are, in fact, quite unique in a number of ways. They don’t play fetch like your dog does. They don’t purr like a kitty companion. However, they lay eggs, and if you’ve taken proper care of your chickens, those eggs are fluffy, delicious little delicacies. However, it can be quite intimidating at first to bring a feathered friend into your home, so here are a few beginners’ tips that might ease your anxiety just a bit.

Chickens Do Their Thing without You

Unlike dogs, chickens won’t starve if you don’t feed them at seven PM sharp. If your chickens are like all other chickens, they’ve spent the majority of their day scratching and pecking around for morsels of food. We’re not saying you shouldn’t worry about feeding your chickens, but as long as your chickens have somewhere to stay, food, and water, they’re very happy birds.

Don’t Get Pet Shop Straw

Don’t go to the pet store to get anything for your pet chickens. They overcharge for absolutely everything, and there is no reason to pay their outlandish prices for an animal that won’t really mind hay that doesn’t have a brand. Check out your nearest farm and see if they have a straw bale they’re willing to sell you for a few bucks. A single bale will last you for months, depending on how frugal you are with it.

If you don’t have any farms nearby, go ahead and buy a shredder and shred some paper up for your chickens. They’ll love it just as much as straw.

Build Your Own Chicken Run

Chickens are simple creatures, and they really don’t need anything special. They do, however, need a a comfortable place to sleep. Buying a cheap chicken house for them is like buying a tiny apartment for yourself. It’s okay for now, but it needs an upgrade sooner than a large home does. You can always build them yourself, but if you don’t want to spend the time to do so, make sure you do your research and choose an awesome, quality chicken house for your feathered friends.

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