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The Advantages of Using A Solar Fence Energiser
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The Advantages of Using A Solar Fence Energiser

At the risk of stating the obvious, every electric fence requires a source of power. The power source comes from a unit known as an energiser. An energiser can be powered in one of three ways – mains power, battery power or solar power (or a combination of these).

It should also go without saying that an electric fence cannot just be plugged into a power point – the current is way to high, not to mention possibly lethal. But I have been asked this before so I include it here in case you are wondering.

A mains powered energiser is usually the cheapest option as it is the simplest form of energiser. These energisers need only be plugged into a power point in order to operate. This makes them ideal if you are setting up your electric fence in a permanent location and the fence is located close to a power source. If you were planning to put an electric fence around your entire property then a mains powered energiser is probably the best solution.

A solar powered energiser will be more expensive than a mains powered energiser, but it has the advantage of portability as it does not need to be located near a power point. A solar powered energiser is ideal if you are using temporary electric fencing or electric netting. All you need to do is set up your fence or net, and place your solar energiser in a position where the sun’s rays fall on the solar panel. Most solar energisers come with an integrated battery and under normal Australian weather conditions the battery will last for several days without solar charging.

Our recommendation is that you consider a solar powered energiser for  electric netting. The portability means that you can set up the netting anywhere on your property without needing extension leads or power points. If you are planning on using up to 50m of netting, then a base model such as the Thunderbird S28B will be sufficient. For longer lengths you will need a bigger energiser, so feel free to contact us with your queries.

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