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Questions about Electric Fencing
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Questions about Electric Fencing

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Electric Fencing

1. Is there a way to complete the circuit if you only want a three sided fence? (or to install the fence in a straight line?)

You can make a three-sided fence, or in fact set up the fence in any open or closed shape you desire. When you connect the fence energiser to the fence, it will electrify the entire fence regardless of how it has been installed. The reason for this is that the fence contains the charge and the circuit is completed when an animal which is touching the ground also touches the fence.

2. Our hens are getting through the netting, what should we do?

Electric Fencing that is designed for poultry has gaps that are too small for standard sized poultry to fit through. Either you are using electric fencing that has been designed for sheep, goats or pigs (which has larger holes allowing the hens to exit) or your chickens are still very young and you may need to use another form of containment until they are fully grown. The best way to contain hens is with proper Electric Poultry Fencing.

3. Can I attach an electric net to the existing electric fencing on our farm?

Essentially yes – if you already have electric fencing on your farm and you want to add some electric netting then there is no fundamental reason that you cannot. The same energisers are used for both permanent electric fencing and for portable electric netting so there is nothing to worry about in terms of an incompatibility between the two systems. The only thing you will need to check is that your existing energiser has sufficient excess capacity to handle the extra load requirement. (Energisers normally are rated by the number of kilometers of wire they can charge. A 50m electric net contains about 500m of wire).

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