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Planning An Organic Garden
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Planning An Organic Garden

In order to be a successful organic gardener, you need to be creative in matters related to pests, disease and weeds in your garden. Here are a few organic gardening tips you should put into consideration.

  1. Choose the best spot for your garden. A place with good sunlight to dry away the morning dew and also proper drainage will make your garden prosper.
  2. Use great soil. Cultivate every weed in the soil and compost it accordingly. Add earthworms to the soil to increase the nutrients and oxygen. For proper respiration of your plants, don’t tread on the soil around them. If possible, you can try raised-bed gardens. Lastly choose the plants for your garden wisely with thorough research.
  3. Remember to rotate your plants in the garden every planting season to avoid complete drainage of the nutrients in one particular spot. If possible mix up the plant varieties in your garden.

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