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Introducing The Ethics Of Permaculture
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Introducing The Ethics Of Permaculture

Permaculture is a new way of gardening that incorporates the very best of nature into common farming practices. Basically, permaculture works towards preserving energy in any system through designing better ways to consume it in the first place. It involves building sustainable systems for all organisms such as plants and animals in a particular environment.

Here are a few ethics of permaculture that any farmer should learn before diving into the practice.

  1. Earth care – With this ethical virtue, permaculture insists on avoiding artificial products produced from industries which may damage the earth ecologically. Rely on naturally produced products from nature for better existence.
  2. People Care- Permaculture recognizes that people’s essential needs such as food, education, shelter, employment and healthy socialization are met accordingly.
  3. Fair sharing of resources- Since permaculture is all about sustainable and co-existent systems, it’s important to learn how to share resources to promote better living.

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