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Hobby Farming – Raising Poultry
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Hobby Farming – Raising Poultry

For most hobby farmers, raising chickens is a very feasible option. Here are a few rules you can incorporate into chicken farming.

  1. Avoid using coops that are too small and limit the chicken from scratching, perching, flapping wings, taking dust baths etc. Rather, you should let them run free and wide and experience the temperature changes such as the sun or the wind.
  2. Feed your chicken with handfuls of grain, high protein food or scraps any time of the day. Let the chicken go wild on the bare earth and you will enjoy the result with the hatching of pretty little chicks. Chicken can pretty much eat anything from the raw earth, so let them enjoy that.
  3. Remember, chicken can balance their own diet, therefore don’t worry about doing it for them. Also don’t forget to provide them with drinking water in a trough. The water is great for digestion and cooling down especially in hot temperatures.

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