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Four Secrets To Achieve Gardening Success
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Four Secrets To Achieve Gardening Success

If you are new to gardening, here are the four secrets to help you achieve gardening success.

  1. Start by gathering lots of leaves. Whether you ask your neighbors for some or rake some from your own yard, you need lots of leaves for the next step.
  2. Make compost from the leaves you collected. If it’s during the winter, you can make a simple compost bin and save the leaves for fertilizing your garden during Spring season.
  3. Ever tried sheet mulch for your garden? If not, you should definitely get started on that. This helps you prepare your land for planting when the season finally comes around.
  4. Remember, every garden is different from the other. If you want your garden to succeed, you need to research and read relevant material applicable only to your garden. Whether you do your research online or read gardening journals, you should gather enough information to help you develop successful gardening skills.

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