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Electric Poultry Fencing for Chickens
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Electric Poultry Fencing for Chickens

Unfortunately because of some twit who fancied a bit of hunting in the 19th century Australia has foxes. It is possible to protect your chickens from foxes using a well built chicken coop or chicken tractor but chances are you do want to let your chickens free range from time to time. When that happens and you live in an area where foxes or wild dogs are active during the day then you have three options. You can either stand guard yourself, use a Mareema sheepdog or get yourself some electric poultry fencing.

In recent decades the use of electric poultry fencing for chickens has become a popular form of poultry protection and containment, in fact the wide availability of such fencing has transformed the way many owners now rear their poultry. When it comes to chickens, fencing is used by owners not so much to keep chickens contained, as they are often left to roam as they please, but to keep their many predators from attacking them.

The biggest reason for using electric poultry fencing is its sheer portability. It gives you complete control over where your chickens are and for how long they stay in one area. Do you want them to stay under the apple tree and eat the fruit that has fallen from the tree? Do you want them to clear up a patch of clover on the lawn. Either of these goals is achievable with Electric Poultry Netting.

You’ll need Electric Poultry Fencing

Foxes are by far the most frequent predator of chickens in Australia and therefore keeping them out is vital. When you start looking at the different kinds of electric fencing that is on the market, you will notice that the netting designed for larger animals will not suit your chickens because the gaps between the wires are far too wide, This will allow either the fox through or the chickens out. Electric fencing for chickens is designed in a netted structure with very tough, small holes which are impossible for a fox to fit through thereby keeping your poultry safe.


Electric fencing is made from newer, purpose-built materials that are able to withstand the wear and tear of the elements, animals and predators. This makes electric fencing particularly good for keeping chickens as there are far fewer repairs required, predators are unlikely to prise or force gaps in the fence as they will receive a shock.

What we stock

We have formed a relationship with a European manufacturer of Electric Poultry Fencing and we hope to grow this relationship as time progresses. Our mesh is of the highest quality and comes from the continent that invented wolves, foxes and badgers. We stock Electric poultry Fencing in two lengths – 25m rolls and 50m rolls. For more information about electric poultry fences – CLICK HERE.

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