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Common Chicken Diseases And Their Remedies
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Common Chicken Diseases And Their Remedies

Some of these preventive measures below come in handy when trying to avoid chicken diseases.

  • Don’t confine your chickens but rather let them roam widely and satisfy their dieting needs from raw earth. This keeps the bug population under check.
  • Prevent worms by regularly feeding your chickens onions and garlic. Deter diarrhea with sour milk or buttermilk and always remember to keep your chicken feeding troughs free from droppings.
  • Always quarantine new birds before they join the flock to avoid spreading parasites.
  • Keep the chickens warm and dry through winter by pouring scratch feed in their litter.


Here are some remedies to some chicken ailments.

  1. Diarrhea – Isolate the sick chickens and provide a potassium permanganate solution for them to drink. You can also add Epsom salts in their diet or feed them with bran moistened with buttermilk or sour milk.
  2. Roup – Isolate the sick chickens, feed stale bread moistened with milk. You can also try cooked rice and add chopped parsley or onion tops. Don’t forget the potassium permanganate solution as a drink.

Here’s more information on common chicken diseases and their remedies.

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