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Backyard Chickens guide

Guide to Backyard Chickens & How to Raise Chickens

Keeping backyard chickens is an easy first step to living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Compared to keeping other livestock, raising chickens is easy. They come home every night, lay …

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Timeline for Raising Baby Chicks

A Timeline for Raising Baby Chicks

Even if you’re not planning on breeding your own chickens, you will probably find yourself raising baby chicks sooner than you think. While you can start a backyard flock by …

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Backyard Chicken Breed

Best Backyard Chickens: Choosing the Right Breed

Chickens are the perfect small homestead animal. In fact, they are ideal for the backyard farmer, even those in urban areas. They provide eggs, meat and rich fertilizer for the …

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Broody hen

What to do with a Broody Hen?

What to do with a Broody Hen? Broody hens can either be a Godsend (many exotic-chicken breeders agree with this line of thought) or something worse than the plague (such …

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Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth Every February the town of Seymour in Victoria hosts the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo (SAFE). I think the original idea for the show was specifically ‘Alternative’, but over …

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