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Backyard Chicken Basics
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Backyard Chicken Basics

If you are thinking of starting a small scale chicken farm in your backyard, here are some basics you should consider before you get started.

  1. Start by selecting the chicken breed that suits you best. Learn about the history, the dietary needs and any other relevant information pertaining to this particular breed. This will guide you in your chicken farming.
  2. Use a coop that protects your breed from natural elements, predators and provides ample shelter. Remember, chickens need to stay in a place that’s warm and dry.
  3. Beware of predators that are present everywhere even in the city. For instance, make sure your chickens are well protected from cats, dogs, foxes etc. Remember when buying your chicken coop, you should also protect your breed from predators that dig from underground.
  4. Don’t confine your chickens but rather let them roam freely around your backyard so as to satisfy their dietary needs.

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