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5 Superb DIY Chicken Nesting Boxes
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5 Superb DIY Chicken Nesting Boxes

Chicken nesting boxes encourage hens to lay their eggs in a clean, safe place. One of the best perks of a good nest box is that you can find the eggs easily. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend lots of money on chicken nesting boxes. They can be made out of many common household items and materials. We’ve gathered some of our favorite simple DIY chicken nesting box designs.

A Little Bit About Nesting Boxes

You can build chicken nesting boxes out of many materials. Wood, metal and even plastic can be used. The nesting boxes should be lined with soft bedding. While wood shavings work, chickens prefer to lay in hay, straw or even soft, dry moss. You’ll need one nest box for every 3-4 hens. Some people get by with fewer nesting boxes, but you risk hens laying elsewhere because the box is full when she wants to lay her egg.

DIY Nesting Boxes for Chickens

To help inspire you when building nest boxes, we’ve gathered a few examples. Here are five easy, cheap and functional homemade chicken nesting boxes.

1. 5 Gallon Bucket Nesting Boxes

Buckets make great nesting boxes. It is best if you place a bar across the bottom to prevent the eggs from rolling out.

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2. Wheel Rim Nests

This is a creative use for old wheels. Really, anything that can hold a nice pile of straw bedding will make cozy chicken nesting boxes although some hens prefer a nest box that is covered for extra privacy.

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3. Wooden Nesting Boxes

All you need for these custom chicken nesting boxes is a little lumber and a few tools. Timber will tend to warp or rot when left outdoors so you might be better off using sheet metal as a roof over wooden nesting boxes if they are stored outside.

DIY nesting boxes

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Milk Crate Nesting Boxes

If you aren’t keen on sawing or hammering, use milk crates to build quick chicken nesting boxes. You can hang them creatively as shown in the image above, or you can simply set them on the floor of the chicken coop filled with bedding.

milk crate nesting boxes

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A Frame Nesting Boxes

Chicken nesting boxes can be simple. This easy design can be made with a few pieces of scrap lumber. The only issue with a design such aas the one below is the obvious one – rot. If you’d like to make a nesting box like this then please ensure you add legs or put bricks underneath it to keep the damp off the bottom.

a-frame nesting boxes

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Commercial Chicken Nesting Boxes for Sale

If you don’t feel up to building your own chicken nesting boxes, you can find a number of beautiful nesting boxes for sale on our website. If you need advice about which nesting box suits your flock best, feel free to give us a call.

  • Single Chicken Nesting Box – This plastic chicken nesting box is easy to clean and is extra large to accommodate even the biggest of hens.
  • Communal Rollaway Nesting Boxes- Of all the metal nesting boxes for sale, this is one of the best designs. It’s easy to assemble, easy to clean and the hens love it. A flock of up to 30 birds can be easily accommodated.
  • 2 Place Metal Nesting Box – For a small flock this two place nesting box is ideal. It has convenient access for both chicken and chicken keeper.

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