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Treadle Poultry Feeder


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We have sourced a treadle feeder of exceptional quality from a leading European manufacturer. The pedal mechanism is suitable for all kinds of large birds, such as chickens, pheasants and ducks.

The top cover can be opened from the front or from the back to fill with feed.

The rear of the treadle feeder has two holes – this will allow you to hang it from, or attach it to a wall depending on your requirements.

The pedal has three different preassure levels which you can set according to your requirements. The lightest preassure level is activated at approximately 650g. Considering that a rat can weigh between 80 and 250g, there is enough room to withstand the weight of several rats at the lowest setting.

All rivets used in the manufacture of our treadle feeders are made from aeronautical steel and are set by an automatic machine that binds the steel at exactly the same pressure each time reducing metal deformation and guaranteeing the highest quality finish and durability.

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