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Backyard Chicken Tractor


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We often get asked how many chickens can fit inside our coops and how that compares to other coops on the market. In our opinion you should ignore the suggested stocking capacity given by manufacturers and go with what suits you. This chicken coop tractor has a floor area of about 1.7 square meters, and about 1.8m of roosts – in other words 2-3 chickens can live there full time, and up to 8 chickens can sleep in there if the tractor is used for overnight accommodation only. Remember – the higher the stocking density, the more mess the chickens make, the more often the chicken tractor needs to be moved / cleaned and the more aggressive the birds will be towards each other. So how many chickens? Always – the lower the stocking density the better.



Our chicken tractors are fully welded – not held together with plastic clips (in the case of aluminium coops) or nails (like timber coops). The frame is strong enough for an adult to stand on and it can handle rough terrain without fuss.



We fabricate our tractors from what is known as Galah mesh – each square is approximately 11mm x 11mm. This means the mesh is too thick for a parrot to chew through, too small for vermin to crawl through and too strong for foxes and dogs to claw through. In a McCallum Made product your chickens are safe – provided you don’t forget to close the door!



The sides and roof of the Backyard Model Chicken Tractor are made from Grass Green Zincalume Sheeting – measuring 0.55mm thick, it is thicker than the steel on most industrial sheds!



The roosting area is raised 30cm from the ground mimicking a natural roosting environment. We provide steel roosting bars with our coops but importantly they are designed to be replaced with any roosting material you prefer. Do you like giving your chickens natural tree branches to roost on or maybe timber palings? Either can be accommodated. Notably the roosting area does not have a floor so that night time droppings fall onto the ground – meaning less cleaning for you!



By not having a floor in the roosting area, and by having a removable weather shield incorporated into our design, heat is not retained in an enclosed space making our chicken tractors as cool as they can possibly be in the Australian summer. Conversely in winter you can return the weather shield back into position to cut down on wind chill.



A core part of the chicken tractor design is the ability to move it around. With a McCallum Made product you don’t need to lift anything – just rotate the side wheels into the “move” position and hook up the trolley and away you go. No need to wait for anyone – moving a chicken tractor should be a one-person job.



McCallum Made Chicken Tractors have an open floor design to give your chickens access to the ground beneath the coop, allowing them to graze on weeds, seeds and bugs. You can either move your chicken tractor every day to minimise the impact that the chickens have on your lawn, or you can use them as a permaculture tool – turning over the soil for you to use in your garden. Optional ‘fox mesh floors’ can be purchased for those with a significant fox problem.



The tractor has a latched door at either end – one for the chickens to wander in and out, and one for access to the roosting and laying area. Dine-a-Chook feeders and drinkers can be purchased separately and simply hook onto the mesh door making it very easy to provide your pets food and water as needed.



The Backyard Chicken Tractor comes with 1 quality plastic laying box. Plastic is the ideal material for a laying space as it does not provide shelter for parasitic insects like timber or other natural materials. It is far easier to clean with a hose and never deteriorates. You only need one laying box per 4-5 chickens as chickens naturally share nests.



We fundamentally do not believe in “from” pricing – when you purchase one of our products all of the following comes as standard –

– the chicken tractor comes with 2 wheels on the side AND the trolley.

Weather Shields – COMPLIMENTARY – except for those of you who live in tropical areas, a weather shield will be required at some point during the year so we include it for your convenience.

Delivery Insurance – COMPLIMENTARY – we choose the freight company so we don’t see why you should have to pay extra just to receive peace of mind. All of our products are shipped at our risk.

Rodent Free Netting – COMPLIMENTARY – again, we don’t see why you would want a chicken tractor that allows access to rodents or snakes. Therefore all of our tractors are made with 11mm mesh rather than the 25mm mesh used by others.



Fox Mesh Floor – Your chickens would prefer not to have a floor on the bottom of the tractor, but they would certainly not like to have a fox inside either! Therefore if foxes are a problem where you live, you can purchase a wire mesh floor for your coop ($50). The large-sized mesh floor (3-inch x 3-inch x 3mm) still gives your chickens access to the ground and makes the chicken tractor impregnable.

Dine-a-Chook Drinker & Feeder Sets – A quality Australian Made feeder and drinker set that look good and are designed to attach to mesh cages.



These coops are very simple to put together and come with detailed, illustrated instructions. You’ll need just 2 adjustable spanners, an electric drill and a hex-head driver. Assembly time of around 60 minutes.



Read the FAQ’s to find out.

Can I get it delivered to my door?

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All chicken tractors are held in stock in our factory in Belrose. Dispatch dates will vary based on the number of orders.  Transit time will then depend on how far from Sydney the delivery address is.



The shipping fee can only be calculated once we have received your order. We have included a shipping estimation guide. Please check here.

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