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4 Chicken Rollaway Nesting Box


Key Features of 4 Chicken Rollaway Nesting Box:

  • Constructed entirely from galvanized sheet metal with a versatile design for placement inside or outside the hen house.
  • Perforated base for dust screening and easy cleaning.
  • Part of the flagship Phoenix line from ORMI, designed to meet various poultry farming needs.
  • 35 mm diameter perch for hen comfort, foldable to prevent nighttime entry.
  • Unique outward folding “drawer” type opening for clean egg collection.
  • Robust 6mm thick galvanized sheet metal construction for durability.
  • Ventilation on all sides and separators to prevent condensation and oxidation.
  • Two upper tabs for wall hanging.
  • Sturdy hooks on the nest, perch, and tube (1.2 – 1.5 mm thick) for strength and durability.
  • Can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall, with rigid sides for stability.
  • Dividers in each compartment don’t extend all the way down, preventing eggs from getting stuck on walls.
  • Product Dimension (L x W x H): 100.5cm x 49cm x 50.5cm


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Nest made entirely of galvanized sheet metal with an exclusive design that allows the nest tank to be placed outside or inside the hen house, this gives us incredible versatility without spending more on accessories or additional parts. The base of the tank also has perforations to screen the dust from the eggs, and this can also be disassembled to facilitate cleaning the nest.

The Phoenix line is one of the flagships of the ORMI brand. It is one of the best designs ever seen in the history of nests and nests for Hobby Farm and Bio poultry farming, complying with all the characteristics to cover any need that a poultry lover may have.


Possibility of placing the nest tank outside or inside the hen house without spending more on accessories or parts that end up being lost. So we give incredible value to the customer with the same product, since he can catch the eggs inside or outside the hen house giving us incredible versatility.

The nest has a 35 mm diameter perch, perfect for the hen’s feet, which improves their well-being when entering the nest. The tube is 1.5mm thick, giving it an ideal strength to withstand heavy use.

This perch can be folded down, becoming a barrier to prevent the chickens from entering to sleep at night.

It has a folding outward “drawer” type opening, so collecting the eggs is much easier and cleaner since the dirt that may be on the lid does not fall into the tank as occurs with most systems on the market.

The nest is made of 100% galvanized sheet 6 mm thick. The tray is manufactured in one piece. What makes it one of the most resistant layers on the market.

The tray and the base of the tank are perforated to screen out dust and dirt. The tank base can also be removed to make cleaning even easier.

It has ventilation on all sides and separators to avoid condensation inside the nest, being a problem both for the hens and to avoid oxidation.

It has two upper tabs to hang the nest on the wall.

The hooks on the nest, perch and tube are 1.2 – 1.5 mm thick to further ensure the strength and durability of the nest.

It can be placed directly on the floor or hung on the wall. Its sides are like rigid legs that are fixed to the tray making it a single robust block.

The dividers in each department do not go all the way down, so the egg will never get stuck on the walls.

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