Standard Chook Tractor

//Standard Chook Tractor

Standard Chook Tractor


The Standard Chook Tractor was our original product and is still made to the same tried and tested design. With a floor area of 2720mm long and 920mm wide, it accommodates 4 birds on a full time basis – possibly 5 if you are free-ranging them all day.

The Standard is still small enough to put in the corner of a suburban backyard and is ideally suited under the fruit trees on a hobby orchard. The height of 900mm provides your chickens plenty of head room, but is low enough to allow you to place the tractor under a tree for shade in summer. Access to the laying area is provided by a conveniently located lift up lid at waist height. Your chickens have their own front access door, which can be padlocked if you wish.

The simple mobility provided by the wheels and trolley allows you to move the tractor around your yard, thus spreading the manure load over the largest possible area whilst eliminating maintenence.

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The Standard Chook Tractor was our very first product which we designed in 2003. In 2014, we redesigned the Standard Chook Tractor to make it easier to clean and more comfortable for the chickens.

When assembled the Standard model chook tractor measures 2715mm (l) * 920mm (w) * 920mm (h).

Foxmesh and your Chook Tractor
If you live in an area with foxes, then you will probably need foxmesh. You have two options – you can put the mesh on the underside of the chook tractor or you can place is around the outside edge of the coop in a ‘skirt’ position. Please follow this link for a discussion on the merits or otherwise of foxmesh.

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Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 275 x 92 x 18 cm