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At McCallum, we have always been a bit suspicious of ‘Customer Testimonials’ – anyone can get their mates from the pub to write them a glowing recommendation, but what really counts are those unsolicited emails we get from time to time. Some of them are really quite nice, and they do have a habit of making my day when we get them. A couple of choice emails below –



(November, 2011 – we were out of stock of a part and sent it two days after sending the tractor)

Good Afternoon Douglas

Just thought to inform you that the final pieces of the Chook Tractor have arrived. I completed building it last night and was pleasantly surprised how good it looks. Glad my wife enticed me to follow through with the purchase. All what is left is to get the chooks inside their new home.
Thanks for your support over the past couple of weeks. The whole process was easy. From starting at your website, through to payment and finally delivery, no pain was endured.

Once again thanks for everything. I shall keep your contact for future reference.

Kindest Regards

” Jugs ” – Wagga Wagga


(April, 2012)

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your service and the delivery of our chicken tractor the other day to Copacabana. The new chickens are loving their new home and I have found the simple mobile tractor design easy to move around and keep clean.


Simon M (Copacabana, NSW)


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