Thanks for reading our frequently asked questions page! Our intention is to make this a comprehensive database of every question we have been asked, and hopefully answer every query you may have …..

Since the chicken tractors are 900mm tall, how do I collect the eggs?

All of our models are 90cm (3′) high. We do this for several reasons – (a) chickens are only 30-40cm tall so any extra height is dead space, (b) the taller the coop the more it weighs and thus the more difficult it is to move and (c) the 90cm height packs well and can be freighted more easily than a larger model.

Access to the laying area is through the roof of the shed end which is hinged. As long as your armpits are 900mm off the ground and your arms are 600mm long, then everything you need is in easy reach.

What exactly does ‘flatpacked’ mean?

We manufacture each chicken tractor out of a series of panels – 5 for a Standard or Backyard model, 7 for a Master and 8 for a Jumbo. Each panel already has the mesh and the colorbond, doors and hinges, latches and all the other components already attached. Around the edges of each panel we have pre-drilled the bolt holes and assembly just involves lining up the bolt holes and tightening the bolts.

How long does it take to assemble?

About 60 minutes for a Backyard or Standard, 90 for a Master and 120 for a Jumbo.

What tools do I need?

A set of spanners is needed for the frame, an electric drill with a 5/16″ hex drive and phillips head drive is needed for the trims, and a hammer is required to nail the laying box pieces together. All fasteners are supplied and holes are pre-drilled.

I’ve misplaced the instructions that came with the package. Can I get another copy?

Call us and we’ll get an electronic copy to you immediately.

When can you ship my order?

Under normal circumstances, we have all four of our basic models (Backyard / Standard / Master / Jumbo) in stock at all times and we can despatch any orders received before 10am on the same day. Also, please note that as a small business if we are at a tradeshow the factory will be closed and we wont be able to ship your order until we get back. Check the home page of the website to see if we are out of the factory or call us on 0430 016044 to check!

How big is the flatpacked chicken tractor?

When shipped, a Mini model measures 185cm * 91cm * 20cm and weighs about 55kgs, a Standard model measures 275cm * 91cm * 20cm (75kgs), a Master 275cm * 91cm * 26cm (120kgs), and the Jumbo 275cm * 91cm * 30cm and weighs 150kgs.

Will it fit on my trailer / ute?

It will fit on almost any ute or trailer – just remember to have couple of good ropes or tie-down straps, and a flag for the overhang if you have a dual-cab ute.

Can I carry it on my roofracks?

Tradies roof racks yes, roof racks on your sedan no.

Will it fit in the back of my 4WD?

No, although I have had customers collect it in the back of vans but I would not recommed it. It takes a fair effort to push one of the packs into a van through the rear door.

Where is my local depot?

Please refer to the Delivery information pertaining to your State. Remember if you live near a State border to see what freight possibilities there are on the other side as these may be advantageous to you.

Can I pick it up from your factory?

Yes. Pick-ups can be from 7am to 5pm weekdays, and weekend pick-ups are possible by arrangement. All pick-ups, regardless of time, need to be arranged in advance as we are sometimes at tradeshows or out doing deliveries or otherwise just not there. And even if we are open there may be several tonnes of stock between what you need and the factory door.

Can I collect if from one of the field days you attend?

We attend several field days and trade shows each year – see our News section for details of dates and locations. When we travel to these shows we are only to happy to bring your orders along with us and normally there will be no freight charge. So, if you live between our factory and a field day site, or if you are going to a field day and want to meet us there – place your order online and discuss it with us. (Please note if you want to collect a chicken tractor from us at a field day it will either need to be before or after the day as we cannot leave our stand and head off to the carpark in the middle of the day)

I cannot collect it from a depot, I need to have it delivered to my door.

We can deliver it to your door but it can be expensive. The central problem is Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. Somehow in the past few years it has been decided that the average Aussie man cannot lift more than 25kg or he might hurt himself. (Anything heavier than a slab of beer is strictly off-limits).

Therefore, if YOU can unload it from the truck then delivery is no problem at all. An example of this would be a farm with a forklift or tractor, or a business location where it can be unloaded by mechanical or physical means. Please note that the delivery vehicle will be a decent sized truck, so if your property is up a hill or on a dirt track, chances are it will not be delivered.

Or, I can arrange a taxi-truck or equivalent to get it to you. Taxi-truck operators (being self-employed) are generally more flexible, and can arrange jobs on a case-by-case basis.

Well I live miles from any of these depots and I still need it delivered to my door – and I don’t care what it costs.

OK – contact us and give us your exact location. We can arrange a taxi truck to deliver anything anywhere. Even if you live 300km west of Lightning Ridge we’ll find some way of getting it there – taxi trucks are usually $2 per km or thereabouts, but it can be done.

What about custom models?

We cannot do custom models. Let me explain –

We manufacture hundreds of our 4 main models each year and therefore we have become quite efficient  allowing us to produce them at a reasonable cost. Any deviation from from the norm results in a much slower production rate. The kind of changes we can make would be adding another door into the meshed sides, or doubling the length of a chicken tractor. The kind of things we cannot do is make a chicken tractor 30cm taller than normal or 30cm narrower as this changes the raw materials we need to use and changes the way the chicken tractor flat-packs.