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Top Hutch


The TopHutch represents a completely new way to house your pets in complete security and cleanliness. The frame of the TopHutch is completely assembled before leaving the factory – all you need to do is attach your selection of optional accessories.



Suits chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs  and small cats and dogs.

Measures 2.35m long, 1.15m wide and 0.58m high

Fully welded pre-galvanised steel frame, finished with a powder coat top coat

Made with welded sheet mesh – impervious to predators including foxes

Choice of Grass Green, Emerald Green and Beige

No assembly required

Designed and patented in Australia


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The TopHutch features a fully welded frame made from pre-galvanised steel. This ensures that even if the powder coat is damaged the pre-galvanised steel frame below is still protected from corrosion. The TopHutch is delivered to your door completely – there is no bolting, screwing, unpacking or even mess to throw away afterwards. You will need to attach any optional accessories, but you will be able to use the TopHutch as an animal shelter the minute it arrives on your property.



We use weld mesh in the fabrication of the TopHutch. Weld Mesh is much stronger than chicken wire or aviary mesh and is guaranteed to stop any predator from getting in. The doors are made from folded sheet metal and are designed to be lifted up. The door is able to fold back far enough that it will stay open without being held open. Each door has three hinges, a convenient lifting handle and a keyless lock so that you can get in but your pet can’t just push the door open.



The TopHutch can be used throughout Australia. The internal panel comes with each hutch but it is not a structural component which means you can install or remove it at your discretion. If you live north of Brisbane you will probably decide never to install it, and if you live in Tasmania you might never take it out. When the internal panel is in you will cut down the circulation of air and vice versa. Generally speaking, the TopHutch should be set up in a position where it gets shade during the day.



The TopHutch has an open floor design to give your pets access to the ground beneath the hutch, allowing them to graze or relax according to their desires. The more often you move your TopHutch the less impact it will have on your lawn. If you are worried about predators digging in from outside then a sheet of weld mesh can be used as a floor. The TopHutch has been designed to suit the most common size of weld mesh (2400mm x 1200mm) which is available from your stockist.



If you wish to use your TopHutch for chickens, then you will need to consider roosting spaces and laying boxes. You can either design your own or purchase our Chicken Keepers Kit. The kit includes – 

  • An 800mm length of timber (50mm x 20mm pine) and 2 metal brackets to hold it in position. 6 wood screws and 6 metal screws are supplied.
  • A timber laying box made from 100mm x 16mm board. Timber screws are supplied.



If you wish to use your TopHutch for pets other than chickens then we can include a raised platform on top of which you can place a straw or a pet bed for warmth without worrying about if they get wet. The kit includes – 

  • A piece of board measuring 1100mm x 800mm together with 4  metal brackets to hold it in position.  12 wood screws and 12 metal screws are also supplied.


Delivery Insurance – COMPLIMENTARY – we choose the freight company so we don’t see why you should have to pay extra just to receive peace of mind. All of our products are shipped at our risk.



Fox Mesh Floor – Your pets would prefer not to have a floor on the bottom of the hutch, but they would certainly not like to have a fox inside either! Therefore If foxes are a problem where you live, you can purchase a wire mesh floor for your coop ($50). 



None. The Hutch is fully assembled. (Although optional extras if purchased will need to be screwed into position)



Pick up only from our factory in Belrose 2085.



All chicken tractors are held in stock in our warehouse. Pick up is by appointment only.

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