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Thunderbird S18B – 1.5km Solar Energiser


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Thunderbird S18B Series Solar Energiser with Built in Battery


The S18B Powers up to 1.5 km of normal fencing wire, or up to 25m of electric netting.


Fast and easy to set up – Output leads are supplied.
Fully portable with carry handle and built in battery.
Thunderbird supplies an A.C. mains charger to recharge the internal battery in poor weather conditions.
Slides straight over a steel post for easy mounting.
Magnetic switch – no holes through case.
O-Ring sealed enclosure.
Low and High power levels for battery conservation.
Cover charging port – keeps weather out.
System adjusts power in accordance with solar collection


S18B – Pulse and low battery lights.


A mains battery charger is supplied in order to recharge the battery during poor weather and for the initial charge.

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