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The Retro-fit kit



Do you already have your own chicken tractor? Are you sighing, and wishing for that wonderful, Easy-Tow Mobility System from McCallum Made?

Well, it can now be yours! For $150 +  freight, the patent-pending mobility system including Trolley Jack, Lug, and Over-Centre Wheels can be shipped to you, anywhere in Australia, and with the aid of an electric drill, they can be fitted to your own existing chicken tractor. You too can experience the wonder of moving your pen with the ease of a McCALLUM MADE Easy-Tow Mobility System!*




Strictly speaking the “retro-fit kit” is not a replacment part for a chicken tractor, but is is designed for those who want to turn Chicken Coops into Chicken Tractors. Therefore if you already have a McCallum Made Chicken Tractor and you need a replacement trolley or wheels, then you should be looking at our other parts listings.

However, if you want to make a non-mobile coop into a tractor then the retro fit kit is what you need.

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