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JVA SV10Li Solar Electric Fence Energiser



Introducing JVA Technologies latest Solar Electric Fence Energiser, the SV10 – Now with a Lithium Battery! The big brother to the SV2 and SV5 Solar Energisers, the SV10 has a peak output of 0.8 Joules (1.1J stored) and is capable of powering up to 8 kilometers of fence*

*Not recommended for use in areas where average sun hours are below 6 per day in June, for example, in areas of Victoria or Tasmania.




  • Australian Made
  • 1.1J Stored (0.8J output) powers up to 8km of fence*
  • Integrated Solar Panel, Battery and bracket, nothing to add!
  • Auto-SyncTM Technology for safer fences
  • LCD shows fence voltage, stored energy, and battery voltage
  • 7.8Ah 12V Lithium Battery
  • Power on demand (automatically ramps up power when needed)
  • Over-discharge battery protection
  • Highly efficient and intelligent digital design
  • Basic lightning protection
  • UV Stable enclosure
  • O-ring sealed case for ant and moisture protection

*The actual acres or kilometers of fence powered by this Energiser depends on your farm fence conditions and therefore varies greatly. The best method to compare energisers is to compare their output energy, in Joules.


Sun Hours Per Day:

The SV10 requires a minimum of 3 sun hours per day to keep the internal 12V 7.2 Ah battery charged.  4 sun hours or greater is recommended.


Solar Panel Angle and Direction :

The SV10 must be mounted so the panel faces the equator (due North in Australasia, South in Northern hemisphere) and situated so as to receive no shade on the panel between 10am and 4pm.  The default angle for the solar  panel is 45 degrees. This angle has been selected as the optimum angle to give the best  year round performance in a range of geographical locations.


Package Contents:

  • JVA SV10 Solar Electric Fence Energiser
  • Integrated Solar Panel, 12V battery and solar regulator
  • Round pole mounting U-bolt,  nuts and keeper
  • Instructions



3 Year Manufacturer Warranty (excluding lightning damage)

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