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Dine-a-Chook 4 Litre Drinker – 2 Cups


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4.0 litre Dine-a-Chook Chicken Drinker providing your chickens with clean, fresh water.


Access to clean water is vital for maintaining poultry health. But many poorly designed drinkers become contaminated with dirt and faecal matter as soon as chickens use them. The Dine-a-Chook  Chicken Waterer is engineered to keep your chickens’ drinking water cleaner for longer and to prevent algae-growth.


Dine a Chook Chicken Drinkers are manufactured from heavy-duty PVC and are glue-free to ensure that drinking water is not contaminated. Made specifically to prevent algae growth, these waterers do not require the frequent cleaning of other brands. 


Our Drinkers are fitted with German-made Lubing Cups, the world-leaders in poultry hydration. They provide on-demand access to fresh water, and do not become contaminated by dirt and feed as easily as traditional watering systems. All Lubing Cups sold by Dine a Chook are up-graded with their exclusive float to ensure that the watering cup will never run dry while there is still water in the Drinker.


Dine a Chook products are manufactured in Australia and meet the highest quality standards for durability and strength. 


Pricing includes freight.

Features of the Dine a Chook 4 Litre Single Cup Chicken Waterer

–        545mm in height.

–        Manufactured from long-life, UV-resistant PVC to prevent algae-growth.

–        Glue-free to ensure that water is clean and fresh.

–        Fitted with two German-made Lubing Cups suitable for up to 6 chickens.

–        Designed to prevent chickens from dirtying the water or drinking cup.

–        Up-graded Dine a Chook float for better access to water.

–        Convenient, top-fill design and carry-handle.

–        Extra-strong, built-in mounting hooks.


All Chicken Waterers come with a heavy-duty mounting system suitable for most backyard chicken coops, containing screws and moulded steel-brackets.


How long will 4 Litres Last?

Allow 500ml of water per bird per day.


Example 1: 2 Chickens – One 4 Litre Drinker should last approximately 4 Days. Check in 3 Days.


Example 2: 8 Chickens – One 4 Litre Drinker will need checking daily.

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