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If you are considering purchasing a Thunderbird Energiser from us, then you may be interested in who Thunderbird is.logo

The founders of the company, Ron & Eleice, have been manufacturing electronic products for over forty years. They teamed up with their son Dave, who had ten years experience in the agricultural supply industry, and started Country Electronics in 1983.

After developing a range of agricultural weighing systems and electric fence energisers, Country Electronics purchased the Trademark and business of THUNDERBIRD agricultural products in 1990. Since then THUNDERBIRD has developed, redesigned and manufactured more than fifty electric fence and weighing products to improve product performance and quality.

THUNDERBIRD is Australia’s most progressive agricultural weighing and electric fence company in both market growth and product development. This is due to their house tooling and die manufacturing teams who work alongside the team of electronic design engineers. This formula delivers the best level of compatibility for all product components with consistent quality at the most affordable price.

As an Australian manufacturer, THUNDERBIRD understands the harsh environmental conditions to which their products are subjected. They have the knowledge to develop products that perform at a highly reliable standard even under these testing conditions.

THUNDERBIRD is totally committed to the research and development. This ensures continued product development and improvement in performance, enabling them to remain a leader within the industry.