Jumbo Chicken Tractor


The Jumbo Chicken Tractor is huge – this tractor provides your chickens with over 7.25 square metres of space in which to be themselves reducing stress and spreading their manure over a large area.

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Product Description

This summer marks 10 years since we made our very first chicken tractor, and what better way to celebrate than to relaunch our product range. The first new design is our Jumbo model chicken tractor. This is still the biggest mobile chicken tractor available in Australia and we think the impovements we have made will continue to serve our customers for the next ten years.

This New Model Jumbo Chicken Tractor has the same overall dimensions (2720mm * 2720mm) and uses the same trolley system as the old Jumbo. On these two fronts nothing has changed. The main chages are –

(a) The front access door is larger – it is now approx 900mm *900mm, close to double the size of the old front door (900mm * 500mm).

(b) There are now two roof doors which means that fully 2/3 of the roof can be opened allowing you far more access to the chicken coop without climbing in – although the down side is that these doors are heavier due to their size and cannot be considered ‘little kid friendly’ anymore.

(c) We now use plastic laying boxes rather than timber and all timber has been removed from the chicken tractor. Two plastic laying boxes are supplied although I only showed one in the photo. Removing timber means that bugs dont have anywhere to live and cleaning the laying box is easier.

(d) The bigger roof door over the shed end of the chicken tractor has eliminated the cuts that were in the roof of the old model. This has eliminated the problem with water coming in between the cuts during heavy rain periods.

(e) The two panels which separate the shed from the open area are fully removable. This means that during hot periods you can remove the panels to improve ventilation and put them back in during winter. The old model used this panel as a structural component so it was not removable.

(f) It is now possible to install a floor across the entire bottom of the shed. We do not supply this floor with the chicken tractor, but we can supply you with drawings to make your own floor from a timber or metal panel. (Be warned though a floor stops the chicken poop from falling to the ground which means you will need to clean this floor should you decide to install it – regularly!)

How many chickens can it hold? That depends on what you want to use it for. If it is just to be used as a night time pen, and the chickens will be outdoors the rest of the day, then there is plenty of roosting space for 30 chickens. If the chickens will be in the tractor most of the time, then the most would be 2 birds per square metre or about 14 chickens. On the other hand, if you know that the birds will be ‘cooped up’ for long periods of time, or you do not wish to move the tractor very often, then you may decide to accommodate 6 to 8 birds or around 1 bird per square metre. Used in this way the Jumbo model really is the “Chicken Hilton”!

The height of 900mm gives your chickens plenty of head room, but allows you to place the tractor under a tree for shade in summer. This tractor is made from galvanised steel, galvanised mesh and Colorbond sheeting, and is fully welded and bolted.

Access to eggs is provided by a conveniently located lift up lid at waist height. Your chickens have their own front access door, which can be padlocked if you wish.

All Jumbo models include roosting rails, a double size laying box, lift up lid, front access gate, and plenty of room for all the poultry you’ll ever need!


When assembled the Jumbo model measures 2710mm (l) * 2710mm (w) * 920mm (h).


If you live in an area with foxes, then you will probably need foxmesh. You have two options – you can put the mesh on the underside of the coop or you can place is around the outside edge of the coop in a ‘skirt’ position. Please follow this link for a discussion on the merits or otherwise of foxmesh.