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Backyard Chicken Tractor


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Our “Backyard Chicken Tractor” is our base model and you get all the features and insights that go into our more expensive models. The Backyard is 1.84m long, 0.92m wide and and a full 0.92m tall. The Backyard model is made from the highest quality galvanised steel tube, “Galah” grade aviary mesh and 0.6mm thick Colorbond sheets. (By contrast your garden shed is probably made from 0.3mm Colorbond).

This durable construction means the coops are stable in the strongest winds and can withstand the knocks and bumps of the Australian backyard.

Your coop features:

  • Steel roosts and plastic laying box (much easier to clean than timber and free from mite infestation)
  • Open floor (allowing your chickens access to fresh green feed and minimising any cleaning you have to do)
  • Removable weather shield (maximising airflow in Summer and reducing it in Winter)
  • 0.6mm Colorbond as standard (Pale Eucalypt looks great and is a Bluescope®  product)
  • Front and rear door access (for food/ water and for collecting eggs)
  • “Galah” grade galvanised mesh (Parrots cannot chew through it and nothing else can either)


The following features are available for UPGRADE and are not included in this listing.

  • Fox proof floor – $29

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