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So you really really really want to make your own chicken coop, and you are just online for ideas. OK, I get that – I consider myself quite handy as well, I just don’t do electrical work anymore after I electrified our Colorbond roof last year. So, why would I be recommending an E-book which shows you how to make your own chicken coop?

While I obviously sell chicken tractors and chicken coops which I personally make but I also know from experience that many of the visitors to this website are the kind of people who would much rather make their own chicken coop than purchase one. I must admit that I don’t mind because trying to sell a chicken coop to a bloke who is determined to make his own is like trying to sell beer to someone who wants to make it at home in his bathtub.

To this end I have looked through all of the chicken coop designs that I have either found on the internet or had recommended to me by friends or customers. The best I have found is a business called Chicken Kit from the USA. They have a guide book showing over 100 different chicken coop designs with detailed construction plans. The only problem of course is that all of their plans are in inches as opposed to millimetres, but if you cannot work in inches you probably shouldn’t be looking to be making your own chicken coop anyway!

So here is the deal –

(a) Consider buying a fully fabricated chicken coop or chicken tractor from us.

(b) If you would rather make your own, consider purchasing these chicken coop designs.

(c) If you succeed in making your own then congratulations.

(d) If you don’t succeed, keep your receipt for the purchase of the E-book and I’ll give you a $20.00 discount on a McCallum Made Chicken Tractor or Coop valid for 12 months from the date of purchase of the E-book.


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