Home delivery around Sydney

/Home delivery around Sydney

If you live in or around Sydney, the Southern Highlands or Gosford this is the page for you.

If you live more than two hours drive from either of these locations then please click through to our general freight information.


Home deliveryPicture2

If you are interested in purchasing a chicken tractor and you want it delivered to your home then we can certainly do this for you.

Please note that if you purchase a Backyard, Standard or Master Model Chicken Tractor then it will be delivered to your door fully assembled and ready for us. The Jumbo will be delivered as a kit because it is too big to be transported by ute, truck or trailer.

The following delivery charges apply –


within 30 minutes drive of St Ives -$40
within 60 minutes drive of St Ives -$60Picture3
within 90 minutes drive of St Ives -$80
over 90 minutes drive from St Ives -$99

Canberra – we will quote separately for each job, but delivery to door starts from $99. We will normally see if we can get two orders before proceeding to drive to Canberra so there may be a delay of up to a week or so in getting your delivery to you.


within 30 minutes drive of Kariong -$40
within 60 minutes drive of Kariong -$60
within 90 minutes drive of Kariong -$80
The pictures on the right are to give you an idea of what to expect when our delivery ute turns up at your place. We will not require assistance in getting the chicken tractor off the back of the ute as the driver will be able to do it himself.
Do you want to collect your order?
If you wish to save yourself the delivery fee then you are most certainly welcome to collect your order from us – either at St Ives or Kariong. We dont have a handling fee or any nonsense like that and our staff will load the chicken tractor onto your ute or trailer for you.