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How to Breed Chickens Naturally

Once you are comfortable managing your flock, you may want to learn how to breed chickens. There are many reasons to breed. You might want chickens for meat. You may …

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How to Help an Egg Bound Chicken

A chicken is egg bound when she is unable to pass an egg. The egg becomes stuck in the oviduct, causing the egg bound chicken considerable discomfort. Egg binding in …

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9 Rules for Hatching Eggs

Hatching chicken eggs artificially using an incubator is a rewarding experience. If you have a rooster you can use fertilized eggs from your own flock, or you can find fertile …

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Essential Secrets for Raising Chicks

Raising chicks is a fun and rewarding process for the whole family. There is a lot of information out there about how to raise chicks, but there are a few …

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Sexing Chicks: Hens or Roosters?

Are you wondering the gender of your baby chicks, or maybe even of your older birds? Sexing chicks is a tricky business. Even the professionals at the best chicken hatcheries …

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The Best Chicken Breeders

If you want to raise chickens for meat or eggs, chicken breeders are the easiest place to start. These are professional companies that breed chickens. If you have heard of …

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Guide to Backyard Chickens & How to Raise Chickens

Keeping backyard chickens is an easy first step to living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Compared to keeping other livestock, raising chickens is easy. They come home every night, lay …

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A Timeline for Raising Baby Chicks

Even if you’re not planning on breeding your own chickens, you will probably find yourself raising baby chicks sooner than you think. While you can start a backyard flock by …

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