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Why should you have a backyard chicken coop?


Well to be entirely honest they all refer to pretty much the same thing – a mobile chicken coop usually with wheels that is designed to confine the chickens to small areas of the yard for a certain period of time before they are moved to the next area. The idea behind this is that by moving the chicken coop on a regular basis the impact of having chickens is spread out over a wider area than if they were confined to one spot which is more natural for the chickens and provides a healthier environment for both chicken and chicken keeper.

Therefore the terms chicken tractor, chicken ark and chook mower are just regional variations – just like football and soccer refer to the same game.  The easiest method of moving a chicken tractor is with a trolley and wheels as you can avoid having to lift either end of the chicken coop by hand. The use of a trolley allows for a big chicken tractor to be moved by one person and only lifts the tractor about 7cm off the ground which does not provide enough space for the chooks to escape if you want to keep them inside for the day.

We sell 4 different models-

1. The Backyard Model which is suitable for a couple of chickens.

2. The Standard Model which can house up to 4 birds.

3. The Master Model which quite comfortably houses eight chooks.

4. The Jumbo Model which is the biggest mobile chicken coop in Australia and accommodates up to 12 happy hens.

If you’d like to know more about your options when it comes to freight then please go to the freight pages for each state and click on the town closest to where you want your chicken tractor delivered to.