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And you think dealing with the local Council is hard …..

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The City of Milwaukee in the USA has a “Chicken Coop Ordinance” – in order to apply for a license to have chickens each and every neighbour must complete and sign a “Chicken Coop Neighbour Approval Form” which then needs to be lodged with your ‘Chicken Coop Site Plan Form” and a cheque for $35.

Ok dumb enough, but wait –

As part of the application process, the following problems with chickens must be reported!

“Chickens shall not cause any nuisance, unhealthy condition, public health threat or otherwise interfere with the normal use of property or enjoyment of life by humans or animals” (my emphasis).

Animals? Are chickens not animals or are some animals more equal than others? Does the neighbour’s cat also have to provided signed permission? What if the cat later changes it’s mind?

And another thing – the coop must have a concrete or gravel floor and the chicken must be in the coop at all times – no grass for these naughty chickens.

And in case you are wondering – this is not some ancient by-law in need of updating – this was passed as an Ordinance in July 2011. Go Milwaukee!

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