Fourteen years later

We are more than happy to assist

And show you the wonderful things that you can do in your very own yard. If you think that raising chickens is a lot of work and mess then you have not seen a McCallum Made Chicken Tractor in action

In fact our mobile chicken coops take all the work out of raising chickens

No cleaning, no work and no mess. The floorless chicken coop ensures that the poop falls exactly where you want it – onto the grass or garden bed. In fact, other than checking for eggs and providing water and food, there is absolutely no work to do at all.

We take all the stress

Out of Having Chickens

You provide your birds with a clean, safe, pest-free habitat and in return you receive wonderful wholesome eggs with a rich dark yellow yolk courtesy of the high level of fresh vegetation in their diet.

And best of all this can happen now, all chicken tractors in our range are held in stock and can be shipped within 24 hours of your order. You can have chickens in your yard this weekend! You can jump straight through to our online store or you can find out freight information beforehand. More information about keeping chickens can be found in our blog.

And finally, if you have been wondering about how to use your mobile chicken coop, as in how often to move it and what to do during a heat wav,e then head across to see the different ways in which previous customers have used their mobile chicken coops.